Daekyeong Triple is a company that grows with customers as a lifelong partner.

About Daekyeong

In modern society, people have busy schedules everyday under the fixed frame and they can’t find time to spare easily in their lives. People hope to design their living spacer comfortably and beautigully as the time to spare is decreasing. The interest in interior is also increasing thanks to it.
Daekyeong Triple is the company to make unique and creative fabric focusing on the new development through research and study. It was founded as Kyeognam Blind in 1991 and since then, we have produced many new goods with high quality and have have high market share in Korea and also it becomes popular in foreign markets.
We use the various kinds of fabrics for efficiency and manufacture fabric which can be applied properly into each space. We have specialty in making fancy materials such as Triple shade, Lohas, Ares and Combi as well as the general product, Rollscreen.
We always try to satisfy customers 100% with excellent designs and technologies based on the accumulated knowhow.
We will be always in your mind as your lifetime partner not one time relation. The revolutionary change in living space to provide you enough time to spare!
You can experience it in Daekeung Triple. I ask you to show us much interest and care.
Thank you very much.


We continually design and test new ideas and concepts that can contribute to the market.
Our top priority is the comfort, safety, functionality and durability of our products.


Established an affiliated research institute to develop new products for future market launch. We are doing our best to develop safe and environmentally friendly products.


By accumulating technology development for blind fabrics, the best quality control is possible through direct production process.


We always strive to make products that have been verified by global verification organizations.


Daekyeong triple-exclusive product is exhibited and various demonstration is possible.


Through participation in exhibitions and marketing a variety of products, we are promoting product excellence globally. We are doing our best to lead the window culture through product and technology information such as energy efficiency and child safety accident prevention.

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